Rugsan Gardens is an exclusive gated community located in Hargeisa, Somaliland.
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Welcome To Rugsan Gardens

Rugsan Gardens is an exclusive self-contained community comprising of 68 townhouses. It also boasts a supermarket, pharmacy, butcher, gyms, swimming pools, parks, areas for walking and offers various themed areas for relaxation and more.



At Rugsan Gardens, you are a stone throw away from numerous pre-schools and elementary schools. These schools are fully licensed and permitted to teach, and their facilities are equipped with play areas with texts, pictures, and examples.

A high-quality pre-school and elementary school will help support your lives as busy parents.



We have pioneered the real estate revolution in Hargeisa, Somaliland. At Rugsan Gardens, we are aiming to transform the way people live, interact, connect, whilst improving their lives 10-fold.

Within our fully independent gated community, there will be several shops to cater for the basic needs of our residents.

These shops will be comprised of a coffee shop, supermarket, butcher, pharmacy and fruit & vegetables shop.

This is so residents can relax away from home and socialise with their neighbours whilst being able to find all their basic food needs with ease.



Our gated community would not be fully complete without a mosque! At Rugsan Gardens, you will be a stone throw away from the famous Sheikh Mustafe mosque.



Rugsan Gardens will have well designed roads and walking-pavement (s) ideal for a morning walk. There will also be a large park that is over 1400sqm where people can sit and have a conversation or relax. 

Rugsan Gardens is the ideal setting for going outdoors and staying active, or going out with your kids and having a stroll in the sunshine and then moments later having a small snack or a picnic in one of our outdoor seating areas.



We will have incredible indoor facilities available at the Fitness Centre. Whether you prefer to workout alone, in a group setting, or one-on-one with a professional trainer, we will have the fitness solution you’re looking for.

Furthermore, we will have gender specific gyms and indoor swimming pools for female and male users i.e. our female gym users will have their own gym and swimming pool.

Our fitness centres include a little bit of everything—from fun fitness activities for adults as they age, to state-of-the-art gym equipment for all ages and skill levels, to regular wellness classes, and much more (subject to ownership).


If you value safety and security for your family, and wish to live in a close-knit community, then this residential community is an excellent investment for you. This gated community recaptures the charm and spirit of a village lifestyle.

With excellent security features, and an array of amenities and beautifully landscaped park, Rugsan Gardens has a charm and prestige like no other.

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