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Providing home ownership solutions with Islamic financing.
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Another sweet home.

Providing home ownership solutions with Islamic financing. We will work with you to make finding your home on your terms as stress-free as possible!

Sharia Law

We provide home ownership solutions following “Sharia Law” for those who do not have the available funds to purchase a home outright.

Getting Started

We let you pick the luxury home of your dreams and then we will help you with our available financing options (subject to reference). 

Safe And Secure

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity and freedom to own their home and we are here to make that happen.

Home Ownership Whilst Following Sharia Law

For Rugsan Gardens, we have a 5 year Murabaha or Istisna plan available! Our sharia-law-compliant home purchase plans help you buy your home in a way that doesn’t involve paying interest. Our products are easy to understand and they are designed to reduce the pressure of paying money back whilst making it easy for you to own a luxury home.

What is Murabaha Finance?

Islamic Financing is where we purchase a house for you at Rugsan Gardens and then sell it to you, the customer, at cost plus profits (no riba) over a 5 year term. Every monthly payment that you make goes directly to the principal and the home will be paid off in full at the end of the agreed upon term.

For more information contact us here.

What is Istisna?

Istisna is a financial instrument in Islamic finance in which a developer agrees to complete a construction project on a future date for a fixed, agreed-upon price and with product specifications that both parties agree to.

Our Istisna financing solutions also involves a 5-year plan and they have been set-up to help our customers acquire their dream homes. For more information contact us today!

What You Need.

Aragsan Village requires a minimum 30% down payment towards the purchase of your home. However, the higher your down payment, the lower your financed amount will be, which in turn means lower monthly payments.

Your monthly payment amount is determined by: cost of the home + profit  = financed amount – down payment = remaining amount. The remaining amount is then divided by the number of months in your term.

All monthly payments go directly towards the principal and you will own your home free and clear at the end of your term.

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