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Paying cash is the most prevalent type of payment in the industry, particularly with short- to medium-term payment schemes. Monthly down payments are best fulfilled via cash payment, and so are deferred cash payments.


Paying by cheque is another common type of payment that is easy to accomplish. Property hunters find it very convenient to bring dated cheques when they view properties.

What type of payment is best suited for you?

There are a number of other payment options available such as cash payment, mobile Telesom Zaad payment, cheque payment, wire-transfer payment, auto debit account payment and credit card payment.

Wire Transfer

Paying via wire transfer is an increasingly popular payment type especially with
buyers who could not be physically available in paying for property dues.

Auto Debit

If you are extremely busy with work and not always available, you can authorise
us to deduct payments that are due from your Dara Salaam bank account.

Telesom Zaad

ZAAD is the most popular mobile money service in Somaliland. The service is highly secure and has different security layers. Users can access their accounts with security pin number, and they can send money to us in order to secure their homes or pay instalments that are due.

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